Pilates Machine Basics – Introduction to Aero Pilates

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are familiar with the basic fundamentals of Pilates. After all, most people who begin Pilates typically will not begin their Pilates workout using a Pilates Machine such as the Aero. With that said, what exactly is an Aero Pilates Machine and how might it benefit your existing Pilates workout? Within KX Pilates, there are exciting opportunities for career progression as a pilates instructor course.

To help visualize the Aero Pilates machine, the easiest way to describe it would be to compare it to a rowing machine that you will typically find in most fitness clubs. The machine consists of a cushioned flat board where the user usually sits or lays flat. Once in position, the user then has the option to use either their arms or legs to slide the board back and forth using resistance from pulleys which are attached to either the hands or feet.

Now that you have a good visual of how the Aero Pilate Machine Works; lets dive into some of the benefits of incorporating such a machine into your daily Pilates workout. In fact, many Pilates experts would argue that the Aero is one of the most miraculous exercise machine ever made.

Aero Pilates Compared to Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates techniques are everywhere, and rightfully so. After all, it’s extremely easy to get started using this technique because of the low entry cost and the small amount of room that is required. However, on the floor it’s just you, gravity and all of your imbalances. Because of this, many users often use incorrect form and posture which is counterintuitive to an effective workout.

When using the Aero Pilates Machine, the machine quickly becomes the miracle worker because it effectively realigns your spine, which in turn, eliminates your body’s imbalances. By lying flat, you are working with the machines resistance so you can strengthen where you are weak, stretch where you’re tight; doing so while the machine supports you where you need assistance.

Benefits of Using the Aero Pilates

· Burn fat FASTER – Burns fast faster and provides a better cardio workout in less time than a treadmill or elliptical machine

· Low Impact workout – Easy on joints causing far less damage then running. Makes for the perfect workout for those with weak joints, and even mild injuries

· Tones and tightens – Targets all muscles of the body while giving that tightened look we all want

· Increase flexibility – Using your body’s weight as resistance not only strengthens your muscles but also makes the body more flexible.

Aero Pilates Machine Customizes to your Age

At age 55, I feel stronger, look better and feel at peace with an exercise machine that I know I can do until I’m 80 years old. As you get older, you realize you have to find a fitness program that you can continue to do and this is the only pilates machine I know of that is gentle while being so customizable to my needs. In fact, everything you need in a Pilates exercise can be done on this one machine. This Pilates exercises offers a lot of promises.

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